Since 1999 Maudlin Products has committed its capacities and resources to servicing the spring needs of the Spring Energized Seal Industry (SES).

We listen to our customers needs and strive to meet and excess their expectation ever time.   We invest in added value equipment such as Tool and Die modeling software, Swiss made high speed milling machinery, Load deflection Testing equipment, laser welding , and 100% laser inspections equipment.  Our Supply Chain partners are highly skilled suppliers such as  Eligiloy Specialty Metals in Elgin Ill.  Elgiloy supplies us the highest quality alloys, experience, and knowledgeable expertise in cold working material for springs in the world.

Cantilever V Spring

Cantilever V Spring


Cantilever U Spring

Helical Spring

Helical Spring


Full Contact Spring

Groove Cavity Tools_box

Groove / Cavity Tools


Spring Bands


Detached Leg Spring

Slant Coil Spring

Slant Coil Spring

Garter Springs

Garter Springs


Expander Springs

Load Deflection Tests

The Brand Means
“Peace Of Mind”

Each Spool Contains:

  • Copy of the Material Test Reports
  • Certificate of Origin
  • 100% Inspection Reporting
  • Load Deflection Test Reports

This is our commitment to a quality product.

Maudlin & Son Manufacturing, a Houston, TX, company was built on three unwavering commitments – a commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and meeting the most demanding industrial requirements.
Profitable growth through customer satisfaction.
Maudlin and Son Manufacturing Inc. is committed to understanding our customer’s needs, determining product and service requirements, and meeting those requirements every time. We work to establish and meet our quality objectives and continuously improve our quality system.
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